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Part-Time CFO Services

Part-Time CFO Services

Operating a successful enterprise requires dedication to growing its financial and marketing departments. As a business owner, hiring a supportive, experienced staff will ensure your company’s goal and mission are met.

At FK Perkins & Company, PLLC, we offer part-time CFO services in Corbin for clients seeking to develop and restructure their business to reflect the growth and success you desire. Through part-time CFO services, we advise you on proper tax strategy, business development, and management of specific processes that make a business run. Schedule a consultation today!

The Benefits of a Part-Time CFO

FK Perkins & Company, PLLC has the skillset and certifications to help solve complex business issues and create solutions to navigate through tough times. From small business advisory to working with large medical practices, part-time CFO’s allow a perspective on your business and can show you how to make your company more profitable. A full-time CFO can be costly for a developing enterprise, having outsourced, part-time CFO services allow you access to experienced financial management and leadership without paying the salary and benefits of another full-time employee.

Services Offered by our Corbin Part-Time CFO

FK Perkins & Company, PLLC offers advice on effective budgeting, forecasting, and management of your company’s finances and processes. A part-time CFO will review insurance policies and create a system of checks and balances when discrepancies in accounting or project management are unaccounted. They offer a senior-level perspective that helps you in making the final decision towards your company’s future growth. We offer the following specific services:

Business Valuation – The valuation process lends itself to a deep dive into the client’s industry. We understand the history of the company, look into industry forecasts, and develop a view of the next five years to determine the value of your business. This is then used to value when the business can be used for estate planning and buying/selling agreements. Valuations assist in the general development and planning of your enterprise and play an intricate role when you are ready to pass down your business, sell, or incorporate/franchise.

Outsourced HR – Having a Human Relations department is important to the management of your employees and the legalities of running an enterprise. Our Corbin part-time CFO will run recruitment, manage the employee handbook, and aid the client as a liaison between the company and client legal counsel in the case of a dispute.

Project Management/Construction Management – From construction projects that need management of bid processes and tracking and managing costs to working with businesses looking to franchise, a part-time CFO takes on managing these tasks. We work with small businesses that are looking to expand, look at demographics, and pick a profitable location. We then apply prospective financials, working with management to determine sales levels, building that financial statement needed to start growing the business. Our part-time CFO develops financing models for business expansion and assist in securing financing.

Consider the Addition of a Part-Time CFO to Your Growing Enterprise

FK Perkins & Company, PLLC is dedicated to ensuring your business’s continued development. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how you can gain accesses to experienced financial management and leadership.

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